ReadyNation is a membership organization of business leaders who work to strengthen businesses and the economy through proven investments in children and youth. We educate policy-makers and the public about research-based investments that will enable their businesses to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace, build a foundation for lasting economic security, and help our nation’s children get on the right track. We operate under the umbrella of the 501(c)3 non-profit, Council for a Strong America.

We educate policy-makers and the public about high-quality investments that protect America’s competitive edge in a global market place, build a foundation for lasting economic security, and help our nation’s children grow to become productive adults. 

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ReadyNation was originally created in 2006 by The Pew Charitable Trusts and a dozen other funders. In 2012, we became part of America’s Promise Alliance and at that time changed our name from the Partnership for America’s Economic Success to ReadyNation.

The Need

Today’s American students are less prepared than their parents, or their international peers, to be the productive citizens, neighbors and taxpayers.

To overcome these challenges, we must focus on fixing the problem at the beginning of a child's life, where the returns to society and the child are the greatest. At just three years of age, children of poor parents use fewer than half the words spoken by their wealthier peers. By kindergarten entry, many low-income children are so far behind that they will repeat grades, struggle through school and never graduate. This has dire consequences for state and federal budgets, public safety and the nation’s economic competitiveness; children who lack a strong start disproportionately grow to be adults who are unhealthy, are unemployed or earn lower wages, pay fewer taxes and rely more on public services.

Investing in smart early childhood policies reaps returns today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

The Plan

In order to make the successful development of children the top economic priority of the nation, ReadyNation has outlined a multi-year plan to research a wide variety of early childhood issues, communicate the findings, and mobilize business leaders and activists to make the case for early childhood investments.

Phase 1: Research

Over a three year period (2006-2008), the Partnership’s team of economic thinkers and early childhood program researchers examined a range of investments in young children, from before birth to age five. We found solid evidence of economic impacts across a wide variety of interventions and conditions – housing, nutrition, health care, parenting, family income and early learning.

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Phase 2: Mobilization

On July 1, 2009 the Partnership began to mobilize the business community to improve tomorrow’s economy through smart policy investments in young children today. By supporting business networks that advocate for early learning policies with conferences, trainings and business leader summits, we are helping to develop a national network of business leaders fighting for our country's economic success.