Did you know... High lead levels can cause children to have a multitude of irreversible health problems such as mental retardation, stunted growth, seizures, coma and death? The total health-related costs of elevated lead levels for all children born in a given year are estimated to be between $10.8 million and $53.1 million.

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ReadyNation (then called the Partnership for America's Economic Success) has spent the past four years commissioning and collecting solid economic evidence on the benefits of a range of early childhood interventions and programs. We have also assembled research on innovative ideas for funding programs, in order to move policy during difficult economic times. This work can be accessed as full reports and policy briefs on our commissioned research page.

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To support the advocacy efforts of business leaders and others, our Other Economic Studies page contains seminal reports authored by outside researchers on the economic benefits of investments in young children, both at the national level and state-specific studies.

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